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Annie Eve


Annie Eve

21 year old Annie Eve from London, brings out her debut EP on Young & Lost Club. At 13 Annie's brother taught her to play on their father's spanish guitar from there they both shared a love of old blues artists like John Lee Hooker and Robert Johnson . As Annie entered her late teenage years she was especially influenced by artists like Patti Smith, Amy Winehouse and " women who wore their hearts on their sleeve and weren't afraid to write wildly!" Delicately and respectfully blending the mystical magic of Bon Iver with the raw sensibilities of the likes of Cobain and Regina Spektor, Annie Eve pours sugar and bitter spice into her angelic compositions with disturbing ease and sincerity. Annie’s unusual grasp of language and awkward perspective bleeds into her lyrics and fuels an enchanting and haunting style of music. A regular at Communion records live nights, last month Annie Eve played a live set on their XFM show. This year Annie has also supported Fionn Regan, Bears Den, Daughter and Y&L alumni's Little Green Cars as well as playing a storming set at Bushstock Festival. Deriving her influences from tormented poets to her own experiences, Annie Eve blends her sense of the raw and the irrational to create original and evocative songs. Outstandingly accomplished, Annie Eve's uncomfortable onstage persona only stands to bewitch you even more the Annie Eve EP is available now on Itunes and Amazon


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