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Emperor Yes


Emperor Yes

Power-trio Emperor Yes - London producer Ash Gardner along with Adam Betts of Three Trapped Tigers and Hugo Sheppard - release their latest single 'The End Of The World’ through Young And Lost Club. An analogue anthem to the apocalypse, ‘The End Of The World’ tells the tale of Earth-bound creatures submitting to fiery armageddon – set to a soundtrack of technicolor synthesiser riffs and heavenly harmonies. It’s how they would have wanted to go out. Previous singles ‘Wasps’ (“Sounds like a dream where the Unicorns and Yoshimi-era Flaming Lips collaborate with Summer Camp” - Pitchfork) and ‘Cosmos’ (“a beast of a song, all gargantuan synth riffs and apocalypse-sized drums” – The Guardian) were similarly concerned with our own significance, connection to the bestial world and finding a place in the universe.


Releases by Emperor Yes on Young and Lost Club Records:
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