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December '06

Y&L Club in TIME OUT

TIME OUT - December 20th - January 3rd
Nightlife - Insiders' Choice 2006 - Best and Worst Moments
We asked six of the freshest DJs, promoters and band members: how was it for you?

Sara and Nadia host and DJ in the Young and Lost Room at Frog on Saturdays (and the second room at Frog NYE party at The Forum), where they showcase new indie bands. The've run Young and Lost Records for 18 months, releasing seven singles in 2006.

Best Moment of 2006?
The second Radio Caroline boat party in the summer organised by Adventures in The Beetroot Field. We booked the bands, Late of the Pier, Fear of Flying, Jamie T, Good Shoes and Rumble Strips and loads of great DJs (Young Turks, Matthew !Wowow!, Teens of Thailand). The atmosphere was amazing, really hectic, in fact there was literally a riot and there were no more boat parties after that, but it was worth it.

Best Single or album of 2006?
Sara: My favourite was Xerox Teens' 'Darlin'', but any of the Klaxons or The Horrors' singles really stood out.

Will NuRave be big in 2007?
It's still only got one good band, Klaxons, but it'll probably last a bit longer.
Indie kids really want to party more. There's hardly any normal gigs now, everything's either an event or a club night, which is great.