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September '06

Y&L Club - iD Magazine


YOUNG & LOST Jaimie Hodgson

In just over a year since its inception, Young & Lost Club records has risen as one of the most notable indie record labels in the UK. Started by a couple of 20 - year - old boarding school fledgings with the door money from their club nights of the same name, in short Nadia and Sara (aka Pyrrha Girls) are one of London scene's most remarkable success stories. ''Our alias is taken from a Horace poem we shared in Latin class,'' recounts Nadia. Their empire began aged 16 with their Pyrrha fanzine which the girls printed during nocturnal journeys to the school photocopier and distributed at their first tentative gig adventures into the big smoke. The fanzine highligted London's most exciting musical developments and featuring contributions from a sans - scag Pete Doherty. Once they left school and thier access to the photocopier behind, the zine died, only to be replaced by a succession of gigs and nights at venues across the city that would soon become the most notorious indie brand in town. Promoting bands like Special Needs, Good Shoes and Larrikin Love, the next natural step for them was a label. For two of the most gentle and humble characters you could ever wish to meet, the Pyrrha Girls have London under their thumb. Every single is an instant sell - out; every night is packed to the rafters, including their room at Frog, which has become a rites - de passage for most new acts. The groupls they work with genuinely appear more friends or even family than bussiness associates. ''Its hard for us to view what we do as part of a scene,'' exclaims Sara. ''We dont work with people we don't like spending time with, so to us it's more a case of lots of friends with similar interests.''